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Fibreglass Door Systems

Fibreglass Door Systems are a stunning work of beauty. The curb appeal is like no other. Mastertech Fibreglass Doors are built with the same quality, and obsession with perfection that we put in all of our Door Systems. All of the details that we put in is what makes our fibreglass program the best in the market.

Browse all of these details below and we encourage you to compare them to our competitors.

Fibreglass Quality Components

Fibreglass Gallery

Slab Styles Available

6'8 Doors

8'0 Doors


Extruded Heavy Duty Hinges Standard on Fibreglass Doors 

Fibreglass Jamb & Brickmould Cladding

Matches the door slab perfectly to completed the beautiful wood door look

Black Anodized Sill

Gives the door system that extra bit of elegance

LSL Structure on Hinge & Latch Side

Provides superior rigidity and high resistance to movement

NAFS Approved Anodized Sill

Superior sill system creating a superior seal

heavy duty hinges.jpg
cross cut edited 4.png
anodized sill.JPG
cross cut 5_edited.png
new sill sweep close up.JPG
NEW MasterGrain_NVD_Technology_Alder Hor

NVD Technology is a patented process that authentically replicates any natural surface. The door process begins by hand selecting the most desirable wood pieces to build a real wood door. A silicone casting accurately picks up the finest details of the wood grain and is transferred into a door mold using our Nickel Vapor Deposition Technology. The mold produces fiberglass skins used on MasterGrain doors with random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood making our doors virtually indistinguishable to real wood doors.

Close Up C101 Rustic Cherry DSC_1861.jpg
Rustic Cherry Grain
Oak Grain
Close Up Traditional Cherry DSC_3649.jpg
Traditional Cherry Grain
Mahogany close up scroll top corner_Z8L2
Mahogany Grain
Close up- Fir with dentil shelf + silver
Fir Grain
Close Up copy alder3.jpg
Knotty Alder Grain

How Fibreglass doors are made